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Our techniques

Plastic moulding, plastic extrusion, aluminium extrusion, sheet-metal and stamping, machining/decoltage, aluminium casting, forging and more.
Liquid forging

Liquid forging

Technique that requires a very high pressure to be applied to the liquid material during the solidification phase to produce parts with a very high density and very high accuracy.
Forging parts


Heating steel to create mouldable material to bring it into the desired shape.

Surface treatment

A surface treatment or coating is an important step in the finishing of a product.

Our Techniques

We have been building up our expertise in various fields for over a decade. We test the various production techniques against other well-known fields and this cross-fertilisation guarantees our customers that they will always be offered the best and most advantageous solution. This applies to all types of metals and plastics in a wide range of raw materials.

In addition to our broad knowledge of production techniques, we have a great deal of experience in finishing and assembly. You will be surprised how much work we can take off your hands and what savings you will make. We then like to pre-package or condition all this beauty in the most suitable form for you. Naturally, all this goes hand in hand with a constant striving for quality through multiple checks during sampling, production, before and after shipping and logistical handling.


Injection moulding machine used for the forming of plastic parts using plastic resin and polymers.


We optimise the entire operation, to reduce TCO.

Delivery times

Optimal flexibility by stock optimisation and short delivery times.


Only approved quality products are shipped.


Best service and customised solutions for every customer.

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