Global Suppliers services



The Global Suppliers as part of the ELCEE Group is committed to meet and exceed customer expectations in all its products and services. To ensure the continuity of our quality processes we work according to an effective quality management system and encourage team participation in the continuous improvement of projects.

Our policy is based on:

  • Reliability in everything we do
  • A professional, friendly and helpful attitude
  • Effective and prompt communication
  • Excellent quality of technical services and products
  • Supplier quality assurance
  • Timely delivery
  • Easily accessible and effective support

We regularly review our customers’ needs and develop objectives and strategies as part of our business planning and control processes to enhance customer satisfaction. Wherever appropriate, measures will be implemented and reviewed to confirm progress towards our objectives and to identify any need for improvement of our business management system. Customer satisfaction is the responsibility of every one of our employees. The group’s management is committed to supporting employees with effective communication and training.