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We offer fully customised metal and plastic parts and support our customers throughout the entire process.

Our Techniques

plastic moulding

Plastic moulding

Injection moulding is one of the most widely used moulding techniques for plastic parts.
Plastic extrusion Global Suppliers featured

Plastic extrusion

Manufacturing process that involves melting raw plastics and forming them into a continuous profile by pressing the plastics through a die.
Aluminium extrusion

Aluminium extrusion

Aluminium extrusion is one of the most common forming techniques used in aluminium forming.
Machining featured


A wide range of materials in various alloys are among the possibilities for machining and decortication.
Aluminium casting FEATURED

Aluminium casting

By casting, we are able to shape a product so that it exactly meets the shape and requirements of our customer.
LOST-WAX CASTING - investment casting global suppliers featured

Lost-wax casting

Lost wax casting is the most accurate of all casting processes, with machining reduced to a minimum.
Liquid forging

Liquid forging

Technique that requires a very high pressure to be applied to the liquid material during the solidification phase to produce parts with a very high density and very high accuracy.
Forging parts


Heating steel to create mouldable material to bring it into the desired shape.
aluminium casting


The assembly cast and forged pieces packaged in customer-specific retail packaging. We are happy to take care of this step in the production process for you.

Surface treatment

A surface treatment or coating is an important step in the finishing of a product.
Who are we

About Global Suppliers

From a passion for technology, commercial flair and service, Global Suppliers developed a vision that they want to share with their clients: strengthening our local economy by applying the advantages of globalisation to industrial supply.

Together with a young and dynamic team in Europe and the Far East, we have been building up an extensive and diverse clientele with important references in various branches for more than a decade.

We take care of the total process for your components, from design to production to shipping and pre-financing. Global Suppliers is your partner!



We optimise the entire operation, to reduce TCO.

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Optimal flexibility by stock optimisation and short delivery times.


Only approved quality products are shipped.


Best service and customised solutions for every customer.

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