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Aluminum casting

Aluminium can be cast very well or given shape as a liquid. When casting, a product is created because liquid aluminium, after solidification, assumes the shape of the die (mould) into which it is cast. Here, the final shape is approximated as closely as possible so that hardly any post-processing is required. By casting, we are able to so shape a product that it complies exactly with the shape and requirements set by our customers.

Cast projects are used in the following sectors: Automotive industry, Aircraft Industry, Shipbuilding, Machine building, Construction sector, Bicycle industry, Medical sector...

Advantages of aluminium casting are:
  • Great weight saving
  • High dimensional accuracy (depends on the process used)
  • Enormous freedom of shape
  • Good machinability
  • No cold brittleness at very low temperatures
  • Good recyclability, thus high residual value
The available casting methods are:
  • Sand casting
  • Coquille casting
  • Low- and high-pressure injection moulding
  • Vacuum film casting
  • Lost-wax and lost-foam casting
  • Investment casting
  • Shell Moulding