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Bouw industrie

The construction sector is rightly the engine of the economy and knowing that every Belgian is born with a brick in his belly, you can truly understand that Global Suppliers, because of its roots, is also very active in this area.

Below is a short list:


Whoever thinks of designer lighting in various architectural applications also automatically ends up in Belgium.

From its inception, we have always been a privileged partner of this industry and continue to be so to this day. This covers both complete fixtures that are offered under own-labels and various components for pre-assembly, mounting, installation... thus we are represented in every aspect of this sector in one form or another.


A theme like no other where energy saving and optimisation are concerned. And Global Suppliers is certainly not lacking in this respect. We also supply spare parts and accessories for traditional devices as well as authentic stoves that are again experiencing a strong rise in popularity.


Global Suppliers has never specifically focussed on standard materials such as DIN screws or standard hinges, handles and locks. But on the other hand, we are all the more ready to be a partner in interior construction with a slightly different angle, where the fastening and closure systems need to be adapted so as to optimise the product both in functionality and in application. This ranges from specific locks and adjustable feet, to customised hinges, door and window furniture adapted to the product, hooks and fastening systems for system suppliers and shopfitters... You name it, we do it!

Precast concrete:

Speed and stability play an ever greater role in the construction industry, which is beset by such problems as lack of personnel, construction industry holidays, frost days... For that reason, modular construction and ready-made elements such as prefabricated structures are being used more and more all the time. Given their size and application, these must therefore meet the strict regulations for safety and durability. And so do the hoisting tackle, loops, swing arm anchors... and other structural fastening techniques that Global Suppliers purvey specifically to this sector. On a simple request from the client, these are included, along with the requisite national and international test certificates. You can choose from a book of standard items but we produce custom solutions for various players.


Here again, we depart from the paths of the traditional supplier and do not concentrate on standard system solutions, but we develop more specific customised applications according to customer requirements. This applies not only to the classic window and door systems, but also to opening roof windows and ventilation, sectional doors...


Now that we have already done the rounds in the interior under the previous topics, placed the structure and filled it in, we should really also have a look at the exterior. Modern architecture, which is increasingly trying to harmonise the existing with the new, has a whole new arsenal of applications at its disposal in the last few years. This applies both to glazing based on profile systems up to and including entire glass areas in structural glazing in various designs. Prominent projects, both nationally and internationally, have been fitted using our glass bolts and fastening solutions. And the sector is in full swing, the requirements for insulation and better yields in several areas require us to work with the industry towards constant improvement in the performance of systems.

Derivatives of these systems are the fastening systems for glass handrails and glass walls for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Related to this are the parapet applications where, in several forms, (aluminium systems, RBS, glass...) miles of these are placed on the terraces of various high-rise projects and where we are also happy to supply the supports and fastening systems.


Once this whole building story is behind us, we are happy to have a rest in the ‘inner chamber outdoors’, namely the garden.

We’re stating the obvious if we assert that never has more attention gone into our personal piece of paradise surrounding our house than in the last decade.

And there too, Global Suppliers can be found wherever you look.

  • We ensure the stability of the fastening systems for your decking.
  • We help hold your parasol securely in an attractive stable base.
  • We give you peace from your surroundings with the mounting systems of the garden fences around your garden.
  • We have also provided the hinges and fastening mechanism of your beautiful entrance gate.
  • And to complete your comfort, we arrange for the awning or parasol where you seek the refreshing shade to open and close at your behest and form a nice aesthetic whole with your construction project.
  • If you are seeking yet further space, that’s not a problem; we are happy to ensure that your summerhouse or extra space stays intact or opens and closes at the appropriate times.