Global Suppliers


This collective name includes a wide range of activities in which, over the years, we have already built up considerable expertise in certain areas.

The stringent requirements and control procedures inherent to this branch of industry, have spurred Global Suppliers on to constantly strive for high quality solutions. Thus, over the course of the years, we have become purveyors to the Royal Household for leading automotive subcontractors. Our ISO 9001 certification was an important asset in this respect.

An overview of what we already currently offer:

Automobiles and trucks:

We supply various metal parts for exhaust systems and parts for steering systems of all kinds.


Our extensive experience with these has even led to the creation of a sister company: Global Part Suppliers.

Trailers and trailer construction:

We provide essential parts for the construction of trailers. But for trailers, we go even further and provide everything from complete axles, to various structural parts up to and including electronic components.

Campers and caravans:

For these, we supply various metal and plastic accessories for their construction but also complete assemblies for systems and awnings that open out.

Hobby en vrije tijd:

“The car, my freedom” is becoming truer every day. To that end, vehicles are equipped on top and at the rear with all sorts of accessories of which we are also a proud supplier.