Global Suppliers

Industrial supply of parts and assembly

We like to divide our expertise over three domains:


Having grown out of a history of welding, turning and milling, we have, in the process, evolved both in depth and extent. This is both in our own production facilities and in joint investments in people and machines at our suppliers. Annually, we evaluate the volumes in each operation group and invest further in this ability. As a result, in addition to the techniques described above, we also, amongst other things, come out very strong in:

  • injection
  • casting
  • forging
No type of material, ferrous or non-ferrous, is unknown to us. Besides the ordinary commodities, such as stainless steel, aluminium, copper, bronze, cast iron, steel... we are also pleased to offer you even more complex alloys.

In the finish of your choice, of course: hot or cold galvanised, lacquered, chemically coloured, chromate conversion coated, polished...

Both thermosetting (polyester, composites...) and thermoplastics (PVC, ABS, PE, PA, PP, PMMA...) are our speciality. This may involve any of the processes of turning, milling, injection, moulding, extrusion, pultrusion and thermoforming. These can also be obtained in various finishes.

Our industrial customers are increasingly looking for a cost-effective solution for labour costs by using pre-assembly or one single supplier for their semi-finished products as a first step in their production process.

Others choose to outsource certain parts of their production line as a finished product. In either case, Global Suppliers will gladly be of service to you in this respect.

By virtue of our thoroughness and quality checks combined with a very modest approach we can achieve the added value and savings desired.