Global Suppliers


Leisure time has become a serious business and Global Suppliers also takes this to heart.

Where do you find us?

“On the road again”:

In recent decades, the caravan, together with its accessories, has been on a steady rise. People go away more often and for short periods and no longer wish to tie themselves down. That’s why this sector is also dynamically working at developing new products. Global Suppliers is certainly not lacking in that respect, and again, you will recognise us in every aspect. From parts for the awning, the ventilation hatch, the bike rack, the step... to fully finished and personalised accessories that can be taken right off the shelf.

Your spot in the shade?

That’s another thing we would like to provide. You will come across us from the telescoping mechanisms of luxury parasols to the parts of your contemporary designer shade tarps.

A drink and a bite to eat...

And if it all gets too hot for you, do you fancy a dip? That’s possible, because Global Suppliers provides spare parts for various pool systems.

Chalet and sauna:

You prefer to sweat it out? No problem. In that case, we’d best ensure that your chalet or sauna structure holds together and opens and closes on time at the right moment.

And the garden?

Here, too, you have us to hand: please have a look at this specific section under the heading “construction”.