Global Suppliers

Machine Construction

No world more beautiful and challenging for an industrial supplier than that of machine construction.

You look at these gems of ingenuity and we challenge you to find a mechanical component group that we are not qualified to supply.

A listing to stimulate your imagination (non-exhaustive list)

Control systems:

For these, we provide both the base frame for surface mounting of the electronics, as well as parts made of various metals and plastics for the enclosures.

Cases, end pieces and opening parts:

This includes end pieces in plastic or metal, but also parts of doors and shutters on the exterior even up to a complete assembly. Can be executed flat and folded, cast and injected, forged and welded...

Moving parts and drives:

Various cogs allow the whole to run. It is these cogs, which manifest themselves in many forms, which we would like to make for you. Think of bespoke nuts, drive shafts, rotating pieces, rolling assemblies...


The above must, of course, be provided with a solid base. We would be pleased to support you here as well. We produce your supports as weldments and/or castings and, if desired, we can also provide finishing and treatment for you.