Global Suppliers


A broad generic term, but in our case it can nonetheless be summarised in one sentence: “parts that move your business!”

Wire and stacking containers:

Wire containers: ideal for volume products and frequent transport back and forth. Rugged construction, stackable in multiples, foldable. Compact when empty and lightweight for transporting or storing. Self-supporting or as mounted edging. Customisation possible.

Stacking containers: solid construction, stackable, finish of your choice. Customisation possible.

Racks and displays:

No storage without storage systems. We supply various connectors and other components for both standard and high-rise shelving systems.

Additionally, we offer extensive expertise in POS rack systems and customised display material.

Tractors and trailers:

Of course, all these lovely things must be transported from point A to point B.

Before you know it, we become involved somewhere, whether as parts supplier for the tractor or as part of the construction of the trailer.