Our offer:
Metal and plastic components made to customer specifications for the European market and completed using any process of finishing whatsoever. Our customers are mass producers of industrial or consumer goods.

In addition, we assist our clients with the design and development of their products so as to reduce their production costs. All of this while, at the same time, maintaining quality and initial objectives by means of very advanced quality control and certification. (ISO 9001)

We also offer customized services such as storage, annual contracts, import-export for third parties,...


GLOBAL SUPPLIERS HQ Ambachtenstraat 1, 8870 IZEGEM




Cost Cutting 2.0

The nowadays saving is realized by optimizing the total production cost- apart from considering only the part’s unit price. We gladly examine with you the different solutions.


Customized Deliverytime

Flexibility, stock optimization and short delivery times are all possible thanks to our different logistic solutions. Let us know your needs at the beginning of your project and we’ll do the rest!


Quality Assurance

Thanks to our double quality control, ISO certification, different insurances and warranties, this is not a hollow phrase. And when there’s an issue: we are still there. Since 1999.


Service Selection Level

From one-off bulk deliveries to daily customized solutions. We gladly work out the right offer for every need and every budget.


About us

Out of a passion for technology, commercial flair and service Global Suppliers developed a customer vision: to strengthen our local economy by applying the benefits of globalization to industrial supply.

Together with a young and dynamic team in Europe and the Far East, for over a decade we have been building an extensive and diverse customer base which includes prestigious references.

Alongside a competitive pricing policy, we also assist our customers with product design and development. Our expert design office can boast broad experience both in various types of materials and various applications so they can always attempt to achieve the best price/performance ratio for the customer. For that reason, they are also equipped with the most up-to-date “state of the art” technology and programs, for drawing as well as documenting and specialised analysis.

Logistically, Global Suppliers start where others leave off. In addition to a wide network of long-standing logistics partners, our local roots on both continents are our greatest strength! From our “pied-à-terre” in the Far East, the production is controlled, the finishing and final inspection are carried out and the opportunity is made available to have the products packaged, grouped, customised, assembled... you name it. Your wishes are our commands. Once in Europe, this first class service simply continues. That is, both in our own warehouses (a high-rise logistics centre > 3000 m²) and with our various partners. Besides a double quality check, this also allows us to comply with your fullest expectations. Annual contracts, price stability, preliminary financing, partial deliveries, own-label, storage and handling... all everyday grist for the mill as far as we are concerned.

Thus, we can flawlessly meet the anticipated Western quality standards, supported by our ISO 9001 certification. If desired, we can also put products through customer-specified inspections.

We make and manage your parts.

Some milestones

’95 Ferro Tech: Steven and Gerdy Vandamme
’98 Ferro Tech becomes Global Suppliers
’99 Start production in PRC
’05 Purchase of ground Ambachtenstraat 1 + new website
’06 New HQ
’09 Start Global Parts Suppliers
’09 † Steven Vandamme
’10 Frank Denys
’10 ISO 9001 start-up
’10 Opening 2 extra offices in PRC
’11 New website
'11 ISO 9001:2008 Certificate obtained
'12 Inverstment 3D dimension tester Mitutoyo
'14 Purchase neighboring property for warehouseexpansion
’15 New website
'17 ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate renewed until 2020
'18 GS has joined the Elcee group



As the result of more than a decade of experience, we would like to offer you a range of total solutions.

We draw on the expertise that we have accumulated in various domains. We test various techniques against other known domains and this cross-fertilisation offers our customers the guarantee that they are always offered the best and least costly solution.

This is the case for all types of metals as well as plastics in a wide range of raw materials. There are few production techniques that we would avoid.

But it does not stop there: we would also be pleased to show you some impressive samples of our abilities in post-production treatments.

What could you do that would really please us? Challenge us to carry out your assembly work. You’ll be amazed at how much work we can take care of for you and how much this yields in savings.

And we would be delighted to package or condition all this lovely stuff for you in the most appropriate format.

It goes without saying that all this is accompanied by a constant striving for quality through multiple checks during sampling, production, before and after shipping and logistic completion.

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We make and manage your parts.


Why us

Why us?

“Do business the Western way at oriental prices” is our motto!

“Show me the Money” declaimed Jerry McGuire, hence:

Your savings by working with us are achieved in the following ways:

Keen Pricing:

Since our production is located in the Far East, we can fully offer you the benefits of globalisation.

Price stability:

We usually work with annual contracts or production quantities so that throughout the contract period, we can supply you at a predetermined price. No surprises – and your customer will also have nothing to worry about during that period.

Guarantee of quality:

Our Western-trained quality controllers on location and here in Europe take care of that for you. Quality not up to par? We’ll take it back and credit or replace the pieces.

No pre-financing:

Global Suppliers finances and keeps production stock for you. No more messing about with fluctuating exchange rates and material prices, complex financial and inventory planning.

Savings in sourcing costs:

Your purchase team is not unnecessarily put under pressure with time-consuming and costly travel, or compelled to expand because the number of your purchase channels is suddenly growing like mad. We help you to reorganise your suppliers and product package.

Communication problems eliminated:

How exactly do you convey those subtleties? No problem, our team of highly trained technicians is permanently assisted, both in Europe and in the Far East, by “native speakers” with extensive experience in various manufacturing techniques and knowledge of materials. Your story and concerns are ours.

In short, with Global Suppliers, you need no longer lose sleep over your purchasing, we will do this for you!

We make and manage your parts.



Contrary to what is generally believed, our offer is not limited exclusively to customers who purchase full containers on a regular basis.

Due to our ability to group and to keep stocks, we are already a party of interest for firms with medium-sized production runs. This, combined with our favourable costs for moulds, which are often only a fraction of Western prices and thus signify a low entry threshold, makes us even more readily of interest to you than you may think. Please do not hesitate to contact us and enquire about this with no obligation.

Please click on some of our specialist fields at the bottom left of this page. This list, however, is purely by way of a summary and certainly not exhaustive. We are happy to look at your various projects and to offer cross-fertilisation using our existing expertise.

Thanks to our strong logistics partners, we are able to be on the front foot wherever we are in the world. We are currently supplying in more than 40 countries and our staff are happy to speak with you in Dutch, French, English, German or Mandarin.

In short: “The world is our oyster”

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We make and manage your parts.

Durable and Social

Sustainable business

Global Suppliers has chosen for durable enterprise to contribute to a better world for future generations.

That is also the reason why we have chosen to work closely with production facilities that also operate around ethical business practices.
During our audits we pay attention that local working standards are met.

Child labor is certainly a no-go.

But also safety and environment
should be more then just some text.
And we continue this practices also in our head quarters.
Our electricity is produced by the solar panels on our roof, our garden is maintained by people who have a handicap,…

We make and manage your parts.

Social engagement

An enterprise is part of the society that it operates in. Global Suppliers has chosen to take an active role in this.

Every year we give financial aid to the local Ambassadors and Lions Service clubs, that use this fundraising to support local social projects.
Ambassadors facebook
Lions Club website

We are also a supporter of the Royal Fanfare of the City of Izegem, so that the youth with musical ambition can develop itself.
KSFI website

Sportily we have supported the Gymnastics hall "Topturnhal" and also offered the game ball for the local soccer clubs of Izegem and St-Eloois-Winkel.

We also support the youth by sponsoring the activities of the local boy scouts of Saint-Joris.
Boy scouts of St-Joris website

We also give our support to the project Qhubeka to make bicycles available to people in remote villages in Africa.
You can find more information on next page Qhubeka

Contact persons

Cinthy Verfaillie

Reception - Administration

Cinthy Verfaillie


Kevin Deleu

Internal sales - Administration

Kevin Deleu


Frank Denys

Responsible Sales

Frank Denys


Gerdy Vandamme

Technical - General

Gerdy Vandamme


Are you a supplier?


As a fast-growing company,
Global Suppliers is always looking for reliable suppliers.
Apart from our own production capacity,
we also welcome suppliers who guarantee top quality products
and look for long-term partnerships.

Are you such a supplier?
Then do not hesitate to contact us.


致: 供应商 作为一个发展迅速的公司 ,GLOBAL SUPPLIERS 一直在寻找可以值得信赖的供应商.
除了我们自己的生产能力外, 我们也欢迎那些能确保高质量的供应商加入我们并和我们长期合作.

如果你是以上供应商的话请不要犹豫跟我们联系. 谢谢

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