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Global Suppliers makes and manages metal and plastic mechanical parts or assemblies made to the customers specifications
which are in any kind of production way or finish. Our customers are European manufacturers or assembly plants of industrial or consumer goods
in all ranges of the business. This is middle to higher volume. In addition, we assist our customers with the design
and development of their products to be able to reduce their production costs and realize the forecasted savings.
All of this while maintaining quality and initial objectives by means of very advanced quality control and certification (LRQA ISO 9001:2008).
And last but not least: we offer free of charge warehousing, pre-financing, annual contracts, safety stocks,… all kinds of customized solutions
to be able to offer our customer the best quality and most adapted service he requires at the smallest cost.
As many of our productions are located in the Far East, we were – as in our daily business- the bridge between east and west for this Ypres 2016 project.
We helped providing a Chinese blacksmith and his art as well as his presence in this beautiful manifestation.

Showing that peace and harmony is a global concern and has a joint history and a joint future.
No matter what color of the skin or culture you are born in.

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