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Global Suppliers supports the Red Devils

Also the Global Suppliers Team supports the Belgian Red Devils!

As you know, we prefer 'actions to speak louder than words'. We want our customers to share our enthusiasm for the Belgian Soccer Team during the upcoming European Championship.

From the 10th of June 2016 until the end of the EC campaign of the Belgian Red Devils we make you the offer:
the number of winning goals = your discount!
For every NEW order we get from the 10th of June 2016 until the start hour of the consecutive game is the number of winning goals in a winning game of the Belgian Red Devils, the discount you get on your order in this period.

A specific example to illustrate this :

Match Day 2 (so the period following the end of the game of Match Day 13/06/16):
The customer places an order of net value 20 000 € before 18th of June 2016 , 15h00 GMT+1.
The Belgian team wins with 2-1 against Ireland: you get 2% discount on the unit prices of this order, for a total value of 400€.
In case it is a draw or a losing game, the net value of the order stands .


- This offer only stands during the EC campaign 2016 as long as the Belgian Red Devils are still in the tournament.
- This offer can not be applied retroactively nor proactively . E.g. if they lose on Match Day 2 but win on Match Day 3, the orders from before 15h on the 18th of June 16 are considered in the period of Match Day 2 .
- This offer is only valid for new orders of existing or new parts. Call off orders from existing contracts or running orders can not be taken into consideration.
- The date and time of arrival of your order in Global Suppliers is determinant (e.g. fax receipt message of the date of the email-carrier), not the date on what your order is made.

We remain at your service and we thank you in advance for assisting to support our Belgian Red Devils to victory!

The Global Suppliers Team

check the .pdf version here